AI-on-Demand Community Forum - Empowering European AI Innovation

In a bid to push the boundaries of European AI innovation, the ICT-49 cluster projects, in collaboration with the AI4Europe project, have unveiled their plans for the AI-on-Demand (AIoD) Community Forum scheduled to take place on November 13th and 14th 2023, at the University of Bologna in Bologna, Italy.



The two-day event is set to bring together a dynamic assembly of European-funded projects that integrate the AIoD community. These projects have not only developed but also continue to refine services that significantly contribute to the advancement of the European Artificial Intelligence Platform. The event will be a melting pot for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking, fostering the growth and evolution of AIoD technologies.

DAY 1: ICT-49 Cluster Projects Showcase
The event has a multifaceted agenda that aims to achieve several key objectives. The first day will include a showcase of the ICT-49 Cluster Projects, providing a platform for these projects to present the innovative services they have developed on the AIoD platform. This is an opportunity to highlight their contributions to the advancement of AIoD services. The agenda will feature opening ceremonies, keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, delving into topics such as human-AI interaction, technical contributions and interoperability, AI and data marketplaces, open calls for SMEs, AI ecosystems of excellence, and business models and sustainability within the ICT-49 cluster.

DAY 2: AIoD Platform Research applied to Innovation
The second day of the event will shift its focus to research and innovation initiatives driven by the AIoD platform. It aims to explore the cutting-edge advancements, encourage collaborations, and identify new avenues for AIoD-driven solutions. Discussions will encompass methodologies for research and innovation market-segment strategies, showcasing successful innovation research communities, onboarding strategies, and innovation benchmarking strategies. The day will culminate in a closing panel featuring key stakeholders discussing the future of collaboration between research and innovation communities.