AI4EU Stakeholder Forum, 9-10 December 2021, Bologna, Italy

I-NERGY participated in final AEI4EU event on the 9th and 10th December 2021, in Bologna, Italy. I-NERGY coordinator, Dr. Spiros Mouzakitis, was invited as guest speaker in the session Exploitation Channels and Services of the AI on demand Platform to discuss about the contribution of I-NERGY to AI4EU in the future.


Watch the video of the session at the end of the article!

AI4EU is the European Union’s landmark Artificial Intelligence project, which aims to develop a European AI ecosystem bringing together the available knowledge, algorithms, tools and resources, making it a compelling solution for users.

AI4EU facilitates collective work regarding AI research, innovation and business in Europe by sharing AI expertise, knowledge and tools with its Platform. AI4EU will make AI available to everyone.

The event, was held in Bologna and was the last of a series of public AI4EU events across Europe. During the two days, participants learnt about innovative applications of AI in a wide range of research and business areas as outcomes of the project.