I-NERGY and ICCS participated in the International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA 2023) representing the ICT49 Project Cluster. This year’s conference was the fourteenth conference in the IISA series, technically co-sponsored by IEEE, the University of Piraeus and the University of Thessaly, and taking place at the University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece, on 10-12 July 2023.

The IISA conference series has become an international forum for researchers and professionals in all areas of Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications, thereby providing an excellent opportunity for the ICT-49 cluster to disseminate its outcomes.

ICCS presented the paper "Encouraging AI Adoption by SMEs: Opportunities and Contributions by the ICT49 Project Cluster" by Ourania Markaki, Aikaterini Papapostolou, Spiros Mouzakitis, Izabela Zrazinska, Urszula Sobek, Thomas Wilczek, Antonis Troumpoukis, Xenia Ziouvelou, Vangelis Karkaletsis, Alexandra Carrasco Szulc, Miriam Garcia, Gabriele Röger, Andrea Micheli, Jaime Alessandro Codagnone, Miguel de Prado and Siobhán O'Neill. The paper focused on the research design of the six ICT-49 projects, namely AI4Copernicus, AIPlan4eu, BonsAPPs, DIH4AI, I-NERGY and StairwAI, as well as the outcomes and lessons learnt in the context of the Open Calls run by them and was the result of their collaboration via the ICT-49 Cluster Communications Working Group.

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