Cascade Funding Opportunities

Cascade Funding Opportunities: The perfect mechanism for innovative SMEs


Cascade Funding is a mechanism of the European Commission (EC) to distribute public funds with the aim of supporting SMEs and midcaps, but also start-ups, in the integration and development of technological innovations. These funds are made available to companies through calls (Open Calls) launched by projects financed in turn by the EC. A large part of these calls is focused on promoting the adoption of new technologies by their end users and are implemented as financing to carry out experiments in real work environments.

On the 24th of May, FBA organised the event "Cascade Funding Opportunities: The perfect mechanism for innovative SMEs" in Palma.

During this event, an introduction was made to the mechanisms and methodology of cascade financing, as well as several projects, including I-NERGY (presentation by Izabela Zrazinska – FBA), with the launch of open calls and experiences of beneficiaries based in the Balearic Islands who have already benefited from this type of aid.

See the presentation here.