ev charging

Developing, testing and scaling-up AI-based analytics for EV charging

As a partner of the I-NERGY H2020 project, HERON aims to improve users’ experience by utilising novel AI tools that support EV charging decision making through recommendations based on EV usage and charging patterns, market and system CO2 conditions and navigate between private contracts and public charging offers.

In Use Case 10, HERON aims to adapt its current retail energy offerings to clients that have an EV station in their premises and develop algorithms to better predict the load distribution from its consumers. The underlying principle is that although EVs can introduce burden in congested grids, under specific circumstances can also bring significant flexibility and potential for cost savings through incentives that can balance between private and public charging.

Identifying energy flexibility while taking into account users’ comfort and needs is a data-heavy task that requires AI-based algorithms to predict load patterns for EV users, charging habits and model real-time transactions. HERON is very excited to collaborate with I-NERGY partners in the development and validation of the aforementioned algorithms.

Creation, evolution and innovation are at the core of HERON’s modus operandi, complementing its philosophy that as a modern Utility it is critical to be multi-dimensional and fuse R&D initiatives into business development. The design and scaling up of innovative products that can energise HERON’s customers and increase their engagement through personalised data-driven flexible services demonstrate that HERON is an organisation committed to digitalisation of its processes by letting data flow through every inch of its operations.

As demonstrated by the infrastructure deployed in support of most Use Cases (including UC10), I-NERGY aims to harness the troves of data that in turn will assist HERON and other participants in providing personalised products and target specific segments of the wider population while building up green and sustainable credentials.

Through the participation in I-NERGY and the strong collaboration with start-up PARITY in the Greek Pilot (Pilot 5/UC10), as well as all other project partners, HERON dives into the ecosystem-driven world of technology and specialisation, forging the collaborations that will develop the tech-driven innovative business models of present and future.