Efficient use of energy from a solar power plant 


I-NERGY partner, ZEZ, in collaboration with the NUDGE project, organized an event in Zagreb on the 15th of June, aimed at small solar power plant owners and those interested in becoming one. The primary objective of this event was to raise awareness among current and prospective solar power plant owners about the benefits and significance of actively monitoring energy production and consumption. To achieve this, attendees were introduced to cutting-edge technologies that facilitate efficient energy management.

The event was crucial in emphasizing the need for a robust regulatory system to promote flexibility and energy sharing. Key insights from ZEZ's latest research on solar energy utilization and real-life experiences shared by participating citizens were highlighted. Of particular importance was the discussion on the data collected over a year from smart meters, which provided valuable information on stakeholders' energy efficiency behavior.

During the panel discussion, experts from the University, renewable energy installers, and users with practical experience came together to discuss the future services, particularly focusing on energy sharing and flexibility. Additionally, the ReDream and I-NERGY initiatives were briefly presented to showcase ongoing efforts in the field.

Coincidentally, in July 2023, legislative proposals amending the Law on the Electricity Market and the Law on Renewable Energy Sources and High-Efficiency Cogeneration were accepted. These amendments specified significant changes to the energy landscape. The success of events like the one organized by ZEZ, along with the timely legislative amendments, highlighted the paramount importance of having a well-defined regulatory system in place. Such a system enables and encourages users to actively engage in flexibility and energy sharing, ensuring a sustainable and efficient future for energy consumption.