Energy Efficiency in Municipalities: Virtual Study Tour on EE in DH to Latvia and Baltic States for Lviv, Ukraine

REA organized webinars for heat supply planning specialists of the Lviv municipality of Ukraine and employees of the Lviv heat supply company LvivTeploEnergo to share experience on heat supply development. The virtual study was organised on Tuesday, April 13 2021 and it was supported by the members of the Housing and Environment Committee.

The webinars were covered by GIZ (, an organization set up by the German government to implement international educational projects and promote international cooperation, knowledge and experience transfer.

In the context of urban management, heat supply is a priority sector of energy supply, as one of the autonomous functions of a local government is to organize the supply of heat to the population in the administrative territory of the local government. The experience of Riga and other Baltic cities will help the Lviv municipality to develop a strategy for the development of the heat supply system in accordance with the policies and good practices of European countries.

Since the restoration of Latvia's independence in 1991, heat supply in Riga has developed rapidly from fragmented, inefficient and highly energy-intensive post-Soviet heat supply to a modern, smart, sustainable and energy-efficient heat supply system that provides 76% of Riga's heat. In addition, Riga has started the transition to 4th generation heat supply. This means integrating decentralized solutions into district heating with the aim of achieving a gradual transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

During the webinar, Nika Kotoviča (REA) promoted I-NERGY advances through the presentation “Riga: case study on development of AI solution for energy retrofit investments de-risking”

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