R&D EU Programme for Smart Grids: ASM Terni experience

"R&D EU Programme for Smart Grids: ASM Terni experience" was organised on the 19th of May 2023 in Rome, Italy.

It was a seminar that was organised by ASM Terni and was mainly attended by Energy Εngineering university course students during the university lecture of the Smart Grid course at La Sapienza University.


During this event, Marco Antonio Bucarelli presented the I-NERGY scope and the following use cases along with the services that have been tested:

  • Use case 6: Cross-functional AI-based predictive analytics to support integrated DSOs asset management and network operation
  • Use case 7: AI-based consumption and flexibility prediction for local community optimal aggregation and flexibility trading
  • Use case 8: AI-based energy driven and non-energy services

The following projects were also presented: BD4NRG, NEMO, OASEES, ENERSHARE, STREAM, DRIVE2X.

Find the presentation here.