Specifications of I-NERGY - AI4EU Cross-fertilisation, Synergies and Alignment (first version)

The objective of the deliverable is twofold: first, it identifies existing services in the AIoD platform that are in line with the usage scenarios of I-NERGY to encourage the re-use and strengthening of the services. Secondly, it provides guidelines for integrating I-NERGY AI-on-demand Energy Services into the AI4EU functionalities.

I-NERGY Models, AI Methods and Tools

In this first release of I-NERGY Models, AI Methods and Tools, we present AI methods, tools and techniques to realise and deploy AI models for use by I-NERGY AI services for different use cases.

I-NERGY Analytics Applications (1st technology release)

This report provides an overview and guidelines for the interconnection and publication of the Energy Analytic Services to the AIoD platform by showcasing a real, hands-on scenario using the developed forecasting models. It proposes the best practices for the development of Energy Analytics services and the testing approach that will be followed for delivering reliable, stable, and useful Energy Analytics services in accordance with the pilot requirements.

I-NERGY Community Portal

The community platform aims at becoming the central information hub about I-NERGY and its stakeholders, providing ongoing updates about the project, all related news and events. Members will have first-hand access to the wider ecosystem, funding opportunities such as Open Calls and other peers, entities and organisations. This document is a summary accompanying the launch of the I-NERGY Community Portal.

I-NERGY Open Call 1 - Evaluation Report

This Deliverable presents the results of I-NERGY 1st Open Call closed on 16th of January, 2022 at 17:00 CET (Brussels Time).