I-NERGY project - Setting the ground to take the next step on AI and data-based solutions for EPES 

Electric power and energy systems (EPES) are of key importance for almost all other domains and sectors that demand energy and electricity supply. As such systems and infrastructures were becoming more and more complex, due without any doubt to an even more evolved and a more demanding population, the new technologies appeared on the stage providing new approaches for designing, managing and protecting of such systems. As a result, a smarter, more decentralized and more reliable electricity production and supply chain can be offered now to the consumers.

This evolution towards the digitization of energy infrastructures brings together new challenges and opportunities to leverage energy data in order to develop new business models for the energy domain and to provide advanced energy consumption and management services to both operators and end users. Additionally, the growing demand for renewable energy and the increasing pressure of legislative bodies calls industries speed up the uptake of new technologies to help reducing the Co2 footprint and slow down the environmental damage.

In this context, I-NERGY project was conceived as the necessary booster for such progress to take place, addressing the most immediate needs and challenges of the energy sector by exploiting the possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence and advanced data analytics. The project aims at evolving, scaling up and demonstrating innovative AIaaS approaches which will significantly contribute to achieve techno-economic optimal management of the EPES value chain, as well as building a culture of data sharing and interoperability as its fundamental backbone. The project will tackle demand forecasting, resource management, failure prediction and prevention, and demand-response flexibility.

A new evolution is demanded, and the I-NERGY project will certainly set up the ground to take the next step forward in terms of AI and data-based solutions for the energy and electric power systems.

Role in the project (ComSensus)

ComSensus participates in the I-NERGY project mainly as provider of technical solutions related to data analytics services, with the focus on interoperable data management, data modelling and integration, and local processing of building related data in the edge. In this respect, ComSensus leads the development of a distributed query engine and data storage, and an End-to-End security framework for secure data treatment and sharing. In addition, ComSensus also contributes to data analytics for buildings and related infrastructure and takes part in the instantiation of project solutions in pilots.