Summary and lessons learnt from the ICT-49 Open Calls closed until July 2022

The Funding Support to Third Parties (FSTP) Working Group has been created to strengthen synergies across ICT-49 projects and enhance the EU AI on-Demand platform in the realm of Open Calls and redistribution of grants. The FSTP WG involves at least one representative from each ICT-49 project (StairwAI, BonsAPPs, AIPlan4EU, AI4Copernicus, DIH4AI & I-NERGY) and is led by Fundingbox.

The group is meeting quarterly since the launch of the ICT-49 project cluster at the beginning of 2021. The FSTP WG objectives change depending on the stage of projects' execution and their open-call tasks. In the first months of projects' execution (M1 - M18), the FSTP WG was focused on:

  • Definition and status of project Open Call activities
  • Cooperation opportunities
  • Cross-dissemination activities between projects
  • Connection to AIoD
  • Other (for ex. recommendations from ICT-49 joint review)

As of today, each project has closed at least one Open Call. That allowed the WG to prepare an overview of the past open calls and lessons learnt gathered from Open Call Managers involved in this phase of the ICT-49 projects (until Month 18, July 2022), available in this report.

The report focuses further on the upcoming Open Calls and an overview of future WG actions related to Success Stories.