I-NERGY Q&A Webinar


Join us for our the I-NERGY Q&A Webinar on the 12th January 2022, and learn more about the final tips on the application for the 1st Open Call, where most of the 45 mins session will be reserved to solve any doubt you may have!

The I-NERGY Project is calling for SMEs and Startups developing building blocks and applications for new AI algorithms/services and small-scale experiments (Prototypes) to solve specific challenges within the energy sector and get 50K Euros and take part on a 6-month support program.

Useful links:

Open Call website (you may apply here)

  • Thomas Wilczek (Open Call Project Manager at FundingBox for I-NERGY)
  • Spiros Mouzakitis (Researcher at ICCS, DSS Lab for I-NERGY)
  • Vagelis Karakolis (Software Engineer/Researcher at ICCS for I-NERGY)

Bear in mind that you don’t have to wait until the webinar if you have any doubt by now, remember that the following channels are always open:

  • You can post your question(s)in the HelpDesk space of the I-NERGY Community
  • If you want to ask privately send us an email at i-nergy.help@fundingbox.com

*Attendance to this Webinar is not mandatory to be able to apply to I-NERGY´s funding Opportunity, though is a good chance to gain a better understanding of the call, and to clear up any doubts that might have arisen during the application process.